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Scorched Series by Mari Mancusi

After the Blood Coven Vampires series ended, Mari Mancusi started another series called Scorched. The series consists of three books which are Scorched, Shattered and Smoked, and it features stories about Dragons and time-travelling.

Series Title: Scorched
Author: Mari Mancusi
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Dragons, Time-Travel
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,136
Reading Date: 20th August 2019 ~ 02nd September 2019

The Reading Order – How to Read Scorched Series by Mari Mancusi

  • 1 Scorched
  • 2 Shattered
  • 3 Smoked


A dragon egg who speaks to her mind, twins brother from the future with different missions. Who should Trinity trust?

Sixteen-year-old Trinity Foxx has been burdened with the financing of their failing West Texas museum. Her parents have passed away, and she’s living with her grandfather who’s obsessed with palaeontology. On Christmas Eve, when her grandfather presented her with his latest treasure, Trinity didn’t believe that it was a real dragon’s egg. Her perspective changed when she met the twins, and the future of the world depends on her decision.

Connor Jacks, the dragon hunter has been sent from the future to prevent the first Dragon from being born. His mission was to get the Dragon egg and destroy it. However, something was wrong with his time machine, and instead of having months, he arrived on the same day where Trinity first laid her eyes on the egg. Now his mission is to convince Trinity of what the future holds when Dragons roam the earth and convince her to let him destroy the egg.

Unlike his twin, Caleb, the dragon protector believes that dragons have the power to save human beings and must be protected. In his timeline, he has seen too many of these creatures destroyed in the war, and he’ll do anything it takes to save Trinity’s Dragon.

It’s the first dragon book series I ever read, and I loved the gorgeous cover and was impressed with the way Mari Mancusi presented her storyline. Unlike her Blood Coven series, which was light and easy reading material, Scorched is more intense, full of surprise and very intriguing.

The book was divided into five parts, alternating between the two brothers, and Trinity had the chance to get to know the hunter and the protector side of the story. When I got to 87% of the book, I still couldn’t guess who she would be with, and how she was going to save Emmy.

The ending was a little bit sad for me, and I would much prefer if Trinity had her mum back. Her father was still a mystery, and I couldn’t wait to find out more.


After they rescued Emmy from the Dracken lab, the Dragon team – Trinity, Connor, and Caleb moved from one place to another, staying low was their priority. However, raising the baby dragon who’s growing fast wasn’t easy. The Dragon team faced a big problem when Emmy sneaked out, and her appearance caught on tape, and the video went viral.

Meanwhile, the Dragon team had fallen apart, and Trinity made her own decision. She tricked Connor to find the missing Caleb and then took off with Emmy. Trinity’s only hope was to get to the man who left her a note a long time ago, a man who might be able to help Emmy or kill her. Trinity wasn’t sure, but she ran out of choice, and she was willing to take the risk to save Emmy, no matter how much it cost.

My heart shattered when I finished reading this book. It’s a very appropriate title for this story, and I must say I have moments of heart racing, anger, gut-wrenching and fear while reading the story. I couldn’t think of any enjoyable moment for the team dragon though, and I hope the last book would bring some happiness to these brave teenagers!

I also finally understood what happened to Caleb and Connor in their past/future world with the alternating POVs featured in the story. I look forward to getting to know more about the new character, Scarlet, as well as the solution to the crisis.


When they lost Emmy to the enemy, the Dragon team attempted the rescue countless times, however, infiltrating the high-security place was harder than they initially thought, and it had taken them six long months before they made it, and when they finally rescued her, Emmy wasn’t the gentle dragon she used to be. Instead, she became hostile and acted weirdly even towards her ex-fire kissed.

The only two persons in the team Dragon that were aware of Emmy’s secret were Scarlet and Caleb, and they were willing to take the risk to keep things quiet until the right moment came. When Caleb thought it was time to share it with the world, he didn’t realise that things could backfire, and by the time it happened, it was already too late. Connor tried to set things right, but his actions might be the cause that triggered the Dragon Apocalypse.

I hated Connor when I got to 60% of the story. He’s such an ungrateful human being. I couldn’t believe I routed for him to be with Trinity. For me, that’s the cruellest moment in this story. Anyway, I have a mixed feeling about the ending. Considering all the challenges journey they’d faced, I was expecting a much more complicated way to end it all.

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