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Boys of Bellerose Series by Jaymin Eve and Tate James

8 years later, Billie crosses paths with her exes – a mafia heir and a rockstar – in an explosive encounter. It is a Reverse harem romance series intended for mature audiences and contains dark elements.

Title: Boys of Bellerose
Author: Jaymin Eve and Tate James
Genres: Fiction > Romance > Dark / Reverse Harem
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,814
Reading Date: 10th April 2024 – 30th April 2024

The reading order – How to Read Boys of Bellerose Series by Jaymin Eve and Tate James

  • 1 Poison Roses
  • 2 Dirty Truths
  • 3 Shattered Dreams
  • 4 Beautiful Thorns

Poison Roses

You know that saying, things can’t possibly get worse? They always can.

I thought I’d hit rock bottom when I turned sixteen. The day I broke my first love’s heart, ending things before I could ruin his career as a rock star.

But damn, was I wrong.

Things got progressively worse from that moment on, until now. Eight years later, when I find myself homeless, jobless, covered in blood, and running from a ghost of my past.

Angelo Ricci–the second boy I ever loved–knows I saw him shoot a man. He’s coming for me, has men out all over the city looking for me, and if they find me I’m as good as dead.

But I’m not giving up so easily. I’ll do whatever it takes to escape the Ricci family’s wrath, even if it means seeking sanctuary with the most unlikely, and unwilling of allies.

Bellerose is the hottest rock band in the world right now–in popularity and looks–and it’s just my luck that I stumble into their laps while running for my life. It’s not the best plan to hide out on their tour, but it’s the best I’ve got.

Except, the only person that Bellerose’s frontman hates more than Angelo Ricci… might be me. Too damn bad. Jace owes me. After all, I’m Billie Bellerose.

The opening of the story was awesome. We met Billie who was just evicted from her rental room as she struggled to make ends meet. Soon after, she met Liz, who helped her get a waitressing job.

However, her first day at work didn’t go well as she witnessed the Ricci clan committing murders. To make matters worse, they saw her, and she recognized one of the killers, Angelo. He was her ex-boyfriend and the son of the leader of the Ricci clan.

During her escape, Billie bumped into Rhett, but she wasn’t aware that Rhett was with the Bellerose rock band until she saw Jace, her ex. Jace’s band made a fortune by singing songs about Billie’s betrayal of him, and the band was also named after her.

Regardless, it’s too late to back out now as Billie needed the escape from the Mafia, and the rock band tour would help her get to New York City and she planned to be gone by then. Rhett took her under his wing and soon, Grayson, another group member, also softened towards her.

Yet, in accepting the protection from Rheet and Gray, she might have condemned the two newcomers to heartaches, just like she did to Jace and Angelo. But we don’t know what transpired between them in the past. So, hold your guns, guys.

I seldom read books that are not fantasy fiction. But, I made an exception for this series as it was written by my favourite author, Jaymin, and let me tell you one thing, it did not disappoint!

The need to know what happened to Billie, Angelo and Jace eight years ago pushed me to keep flipping the pages. While uncovering little bits of the past, I got to know the so-called powerful Mafia, the famous rock-star band, and the characters’ personalities. Though I didn’t get a clearer picture of what had happened, a major piece of information was dropped right at the end of the story.

What’s the story behind the old sonogram? If I were to guess, Jace was the father and it was also the main reason why Billie had to break up with him in the first place. If that’s the case, imagine the guilt Jace would be subjected to when he finally learns the truth! I cannot wait to uncover all the dirty truth!

Note: I thought Billie fainted at the sight of blood. Well, she didn’t at the last unsuccessful kidnapping attempt though.

Dirty Truths

You know that saying, things can’t possibly get worse? They always can.

I thought I’d reached a whole new low the day I ran from Bellerose. The day I was snatched by mafia goons, beaten half to death, and left wishing they’d finish the job.

But then an Angel saved me.

His kind of salvation wasn’t the freedom I’d been hoping for, though. Two months later I’m his prisoner in the gilded cage of his home. His pregnant mistress.

Angelo Ricci–my Angel–holds my life in his hands. He’s both protecting me, and condemning me, and if his father ever discovers our secret deal then death will be a blessing.

I’m tired, and scared, and don’t know who I can trust. All I know is that I miss the boys of Bellerose. Grayson and Rhett still hold parts of my heart, even if I could happily kick Jace in the nu… face. And Flo? She’s dead to me.

Like, dead dead.

Fate takes a turn in my favor when Bellerose gets a new owner, and an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with the band is forced on me. Getting locked in a secluded farmhouse with the guys who think I left them for my abusive ex sounds like a recipe for bloodshed, but I don’t get a choice in the matter.

Except, this time I’m not going alone. Angelo is tagging along, and seems determined to cause drama. Somehow we all need to make it out alive, but that should be easy enough, right? After all, I’m Billie Bellerose.

Unlike the first book, this second book features POVs from all the characters. Angelo also gets more chances to appear in the story, and bits of their story in the past come to light.

This book sheds light on the mystery surrounding Billie’s life eight years ago. At first, I was dreading this being the only issue they skirt around for the rest of the books. Thankfully, that isn’t the case now.

Each one of the Bellerose band members has baggage and stories to tell, and I’m interested in learning more about Rhett and Grayson’s past. The latest issue with the killing of one of the band members shed a new drama, and I look forward to finding out who was behind it.

It has been a long time coming for Angelo to join Bellerose. Together, they are solid, and given his ties to the Mafia family and Grayson’s questionable past, I eagerly anticipate them to continue working together to pursue justice. Assuming Angelo makes it through the aftermath. Of course, he will, right😉.

Shattered Dreams

You know that saying, things can’t possibly get worse? They always can.

I thought things were bad when we got attacked in the dark of the night. In a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, with no one to help. When we lost one of the Bellerose family.

But the world wasn’t done shitting on us just yet.

Our situation only went from bad to worse as we tried to save ourselves, resulting in an explosion of heartbreak. Now we have to deal with the agonizing fallout of that fire-filled night.

Angelo Ricci–the man I severely underestimated–saved us all, but at what cost? He doesn’t deserve to die for me. Not after all I’d put him through.

There’s no opportunity for grief, because the puppeteer pulling Bellerose’s strings wants the band back on tour with a brand new bass player. Like Flo never even existed.

Bellerose has been through so much already, and with gossip sites reporting on every damn breath, it’s impossible to keep our romances under wraps. Like we all needed fuel on the flames of already burning jealousy.

We need to come together, to grow stronger as a band, but with my heart so divided I’ll need some intense therapy to heal myself before I can heal all of them. Which I know I can do. I have to have hope. Because they’re the Boys of Bellerose.

The third book unveils significant secrets, mainly concerning Grayson and Rhett’s pasts. However, a more profound revelation awaits at the story’s conclusion, one that will rock Billie’s world.

The long-awaited accounts of Grayson and Rhett’s past bring more sense to help understand their personalities. I would appreciate further insight into the past experiences of Billie, Jace and Angelo. All the snippets aren’t enough to determine what makes Billie so unusual to garner the attention of the Bellerose band.

Beautiful Thorns

You know that saying, things can’t possibly get worse? They always can. And they do. It’s the last book of the series, you wouldn’t be here right now unless you were invested so just shut your eyes, hold your breath, and dive in. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

Talking about the stars have aligned. After eight years in misery, it’s time for Billie to get her happiness, not with one guy, but four! 

Despite having read other reverse harem stories, this series surpasses them in its explicit depictions of gangbang sex scenes and violent acts, and the thought of listening to this as an audiobook mortifies me.

The explicit nature of this series overwhelms me, leading me to skip through much of the graphic action to reach the conclusion, and while I appreciate the trigger warning, I was not prepared for the extreme intensity of the content.

The camaraderie and support among the characters provided the only positive aspects of the story. The portrayal of the group as a cohesive family and band, overcoming challenges collectively, was the sole redeeming quality of the narrative. 

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