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Dark Legacy Series by Jaymin Eve and Tate James

Riley’s billionaire birth parents suddenly reclaimed her after she lost her adoptive parents in a car crash. Why now? Is it a coincidence? What’s the catch?

This dark romance features four sexy, dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse harem.

Title: Dark Legacy
Author: Jaymin Eve and Tate James
Genres: Romance > Dark Romance > Billionaire
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,229
Reading Date: 01st January 2024 – 08th January 2024

The reading order – How to Read Dark Legacy by Jaymin Eve and Tate James

  • 1 Broken Wings
  • 2 Broken Trust
  • 3 Broken Legacy
  • 4 Dylan

Broken Wings

They rule my new town, my school, and with more money than God, there’s very little out of their reach.

Four gorgeous, perfect, scary boys. There used to be five, but one of them died, leaving a fifth position that I now fill.

I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want to be part of this billionaire-boys-club. But no one cares about what I want.

Sebastian Beckett is the worst of them. Their leader. He draws me in, and strips me of every defense I have. He calls me Butterfly, but it’s not a pet name, it’s a threat. Beck wants nothing more than to break my wings, pin me to a board and watch me writhe.

He wants to see me broken. Body, heart and soul.
And what these elite want, they get.
Only they’ve never met Riley Jameson.
Let the battle begin.

Since I’ve read the Duo’s work, the Royal of Arbon Academy, I might as well give this series a go. It turned out that this first book’s plot was interesting and kept me hooked on to the next one. I’m now curious to find out what happened next.

The Delta heir’s fate, Dante’s mysterious rank in the gang world, and the more pressing matter, how does Riley take the betrayal, and what about her retaliation?

One last thing, I can’t help but make a comparison between the characters from the Royal of Arbon Academy and this series. I think Beck is very similar to Rafe, and Dylan or Dante might be Jordan. Jasper and Eddie are like Mattie and Nolan. I just hope the ending won’t be the same though.

Broken Trust

They think they own me now. They think they’ve won, and that I’ll be their good little soldier.

Four dangerous, damaged, messed up boys. There used to be five, but one of them died, and I’m starting to suspect he was murdered.

I didn’t ask for this. No one would ask to be played, manipulated, seduced and betrayed. But that’s what happened, anyway.

It wasn’t enough for them to break me. Sebastian Beckett has decided that he can’t let me go, but I refuse to forgive and forget his betrayal so easily. His fixation is bordering on obsession, but when we begin to suspect a spy within Delta, there’s no time to deal with his feelings.

Someone is selling us out, and it’s having a dire impact.
It’s life and death hiding behind corporate greed.
Let the battle begin.

This second book lets us learn more about the personalities of some members of the Delta organization and also their rivalry – the Huntley family. About 60 per cent of this book shows us how determined Riley is to remove herself from the Delta Heirs who betrayed her. So many trials, angst, and unpleasant moments in the story that make me feel uncomfortable. But at the same time, I’m glad that it lasted for a while before Riley slowly accepted them back.

There are more stories to uncover about Dante’s involvement with Catherine. At first, I thought Dante would be the 6th long-lost Delta heirs member 😂. Anyway, the story will be interesting now that they are almost as united as before. I look forward to reading more showcases of powers and seeing the younger generation making progress toward a better future.

Broken Legacy

They’re my boys now – the four heirs of Delta. Together we’re a team … a family.

Five broken, brutal, possibly sociopathic people, and we are all that stands between the world and the powerful, corrupt Delta corporation.

We have no idea what we’re doing, but somehow we are determined to stop them. Permanently. We just need leverage … irrefutable evidence of their corruption. And we need it now. Before the vote that will change everything.

Only there are a few other issues to deal with first. Dante in prison for murder, blood coated roses showing up on my doorstep, and my bio-mom reaching all new levels of insanity.

For the first time, we might be completely out of our depth … but we won’t give up. Not until the final battle is played out. Not until the war has been won.

While I typically gravitate towards paranormal genres, I have found this particular dark romance series to be intriguing in its depiction of our chaotic and flawed society. It delves into themes of money, corruption, power dynamics, and disturbing incidents like kidnappings and serial killers.

Although Riley had made a promise to her school counsellor to strive for improvement and make school a priority, it seems that it no longer holds a significant role in the plot of this book. Surprisingly, a new character emerges and takes centre stage, a serial killer on the loose!

The chapter for Riley and Beck has come to an end in this book. However, for those who are fans of Dylan, there is still one more book left before we bid farewell to these four formidable Delta heirs.


Dylan Grant.
One of Forbes’ 30 under 30.
One of the most eligible yet unattainable men in the country.
One of the Delta Five.

Together with his friends, Beck, Riley, Jasper and Evan, Dylan runs half the damn world. He is the epitome of power… and the definition of emotional baggage. Too damaged from his shitty upbringing. Too hung up on his best friend’s girl. Too cold and guarded to let anyone else into his stratosphere.

So why can’t I stay away? Why can’t I end things? He doesn’t even know my real name or my real age. If he finds out…

He can’t find out. I’ll end it. One more night, and I’ll end it. Men like Dylan Grant never commit to women like me. I’m too weak, too broken, too tragic.

Just one more night, and I’ll walk away. Dylan Grant will never see me again. Or… that was the plan.

The timeline of this love story of Dylan is about three years after Dylan first met Riley. If you are a fan of the other four Delta heirs, including Dante, you will read some juicy news about their lives in this book. You will also get some information about the Delta vault in this book. I mention this as it remains a lingering matter for me.

I observed a common theme in the romantic relationships portrayed in this series – the Delta heirs appear to experience love at first sight, much like Riley and Beck. In this instalment, Dylan, the main male character, is also immediately drawn to Brooke. Therefore, if you enjoy this type of love story, you may find this series appealing.

Aside from this, Brooke, our main protagonist, also faces the recurring problem of violence, both physical and mental. One aspect that stood out to me in the narrative was the heartwarming reunion between a mother and her son – a delightful twist! In general, Dylan’s tale was satisfactory for a brief and easy read.

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