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The Coveted Saga by C.M. Owens

Life wasn’t as simple as it used to be for Aria. Exposed to her true destiny, she must master her abilities and find a way to save everyone’s life.

Series Title: The Coveted Saga
Author: C.M. Owens
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Magic
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 857
Reading Date: 06th February 2021 ~ 16th February 2021

The Reading Order – How to Read The Coveted Saga by C.M. Owens

  • 1 Treasured Secrets
  • 2 Jaded Jewels
  • 3 Rough Diamonds
  • 4 Twisted Gems

Treasured Secrets

Her blood paints her a target, whereas his marks him the enemy, but together they could be the key to changing it all…

Aria Weislen fought hard to stay in her rainforest home deep in the heart of South America, but she was forced to go back to the states to join the rest of her family. Grayford, Massachusetts is almost the polar opposite of her sweet jungle escape, but it does have one thing her old home never offered… Tallis Verdan. The sight of him leaves her unbalanced and almost incoherent.

Stolen glances and accidental grazes leave her with a fever almost every time. But his mixed signals get her high one second before leaving her to plummet the very next. In a world full of secrets, looks can be deceiving. Even her own reflection has been hiding the truth of what’s to come.

It doesn’t take long to realize why Tallis sends her on such highs and lows. His blood, his ties, and his secrets rival hers. And when the reality Aria has known shatters to make way for the fantasy she never believed, it all spirals out of control.

It’s her they want, but he’ll stand in the way…

*YA Paranormal Romance

*Not suitable for anyone under the age of 15

My thoughts…

I couldn’t help but notice that the main character’s name started with ‘A’ again. The author must have loved that alphabet because so far, this was my fourth series where the main character’s name begins with ‘A’.

This time it shared the same nickname as the series I’d just finished reading, Aria from the Gifts Trilogy. The others were Alyssa from the Deadly Beauties series, Adisia from the Daughter Trilogy, and Araya from the Curse Trilogy. I also checked at my next-to-read series, Faders Trilogy, and surprise surprise, it’s called Arena!

Anyway, the story wasn’t fast-paced, but I didn’t mind it. Because it was only a short read, and I loved the plot knowing that Aria would be a powerful witch one day. I wondered when it would happen and what she could do. The story contained coven feuds, some teenage dramas, and sweet male suitors, all woven into this beautiful new world created by the fantastic writer.

This book was also the first book by the author, without any sex scenes, yay! But, beware, the story ended with a cliffhanger, one that had me wonder if Aria was finally getting her power? However, I doubt it since there were still three more books after this 😊.

Jaded Jewels

Everything was perfect… until it all unraveled.

Everything in the magical world is changing around them faster than they can keep up. Years of ingrained knowledge becomes a bigger handicap than helpful.

Secrets shock the families, traitors emerge, and death becomes a whispered promise almost daily. Aria is tested with each new dawn, and each time she gets closer to failing when it all becomes too much. And the only one who can hold her together is the only one she can’t have.

My thoughts…

I thought Aria would grow up and stop her clingy and immature behaviour, but no, it kept happening again, enough to rush over and welcome death. But when death knocking her door, she cowered!

Anyway, I was glad she finally got what she wanted, it’s inevitable, and I couldn’t wait for her to showcase her talents. What I’d learnt so far was history being repeated again, and it would be interesting to see how things unfold.

Henry and Amalia were a great addition to the story as well, and because they were closer to the main characters, I could get to know and remember them, unlike Aria’s siblings. Honestly, I couldn’t remember all their names and abilities. Guess, it’s because the story was all centred on Aria.

Rough Diamonds

She’s finally immortal, and Tallis is hers. Nothing can stop them, weaken them, or slow them down. Nothing but the twisted world they live in, that is.

Aria learns that things can happen too fast, even good things. Struggling with being a new immortal, she tries to balance life and reality, two things that don’t necessarily work so well in her world. But she isn’t as good at separating it as everyone else seems to be.

Magic comes with a heavy price, and the debt seems to only grow. Aria learns that magic also comes with a burden when you are gifted too much. It’s seductive to feel the powerful draw, to know you hold lives in the palm of your hand, but is she strong enough to withstand the temptations?

The darkness calls. The paradigm shifts. And nightmares come true.

My thoughts…

I think a speck of dust got into my eyes while reading the final few chapters of the book! This book was better than the other two books; the emotion ran high and more actions plus awesome powers! I just wished it was longer.

Twisted Gems

Nothing was as it was supposed to be, and I was sick of everyone saying I’d die. My heart had been ripped out; I’d been stepped on, and I’d been underestimated for much too long. It was time to prove to everyone I was stronger than I looked.

It was time to fight.

I just didn’t know if I could survive Tallis and the future that kept being promised to me.

My thoughts…

Phew! Almost got a heart attack with the Siren issue! Thank god for the solution in which the story ended with a fantastic conclusion and a happy ending for the characters! Though, how Aria sorted out the soul mate issue wasn’t told clearly, but hey, who cares as long as all the couples got the partner they deserved and were happy with it.

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